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Are you switched on? with Electricity North West

The Bay together with the North West’s power network operator, Electricity North West, is urging people to think about how they use energy and how simple changes can make a huge difference to energy consumption and bills with the ‘Switched On’ campaign in the run up to Christmas.

The ‘Are you Switched On?’ campaign is aiming to save British consumers of £117* million between now and Christmas if households switched their electrical appliances off standby. 

To find out your Energy Persona, take our Energy Saving Survey.  Discover if you are a Energy Busting Beth, An Energy Steady Eddie or a Energy Drain Jane!  

It’s FREE and can save you cash! 

We’ve got handy hints, tips and simple ways to save depending on how energy efficient you are…

AND you can win an energy efficient TV and tablet

Take the Energy Saving Survey now CLICK HERE

Get Switched On with Electricity North West – making small energy efficient changes, collectively makes a big difference for Christmas – with savings of £117m that’s the equivalent of:-

  • 9.8 million Christmas crackers
  • 78.5m packets of brussels sprouts
  • 5.6m Decadent Christmas puddings
  • 2.9m whole turkeys
  • 1.9m 6ft Nordmann Fir Christmas trees
  • 38,000 families to Lapland for Christmas   


* Based on Energy Saving Trust’s calculations that households could save an average of £30 per year if they switched their appliances off standby





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